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Energising sheer support tights with shaping control panty by EvenLina

These beautiful sheer Italian tights soothe and energise tired legs, designed to gently compress your legs, with firmer support at the feet decreasing intensity towards the thighs to help improve circulation and reduce ankle swelling. The shaping panty provides support and smooths bumps and bulges. Ideal to relieve heaviness and fatigue in the legs throughout the day. With 18-20mmHg compression in the ankle which gradually reduces as you go up the leg, these elegant tights are ideal as an alternative to boring, unsightly travel socks!

o Elegant sheer fabric with medium-strong support

o 18-22mmHg graduated compression in the legs improves circulation

o Help reduce swelling in ankles

o Shaping control panty minimises bumps and bulges

o Reduce leg heaviness and fatigue

o £24.90

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